Oudjat Labs
Agile Web Development

Oudjat Labs is a small French web development studio.

We specialize in application design and development as well as CMS integration.

We work with Ruby, PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS while following the Agile methodologies. We integrate designs with Wordpress, Joomla, ModX and Drupal.

We are not graphic designers and won't create graphics or webpage designs. We work in association with designers though.

Franz Koessler

Fran├žois Koessler, Oudjat Labs Founder.
I am a PHP / Ruby developer with strong front-end skills (HTML / CSS / Javascript). I am a computer science engineer and have been working as a freelance web developer for over three years, which allowed me to acquire the experience and skills to conduct projects from beginning (goals definition) to the end (project completion, happy client).
You can download my resume here.

Portfolio: Huayang Language Academy

Huayang Language Academy website screenshot
Responsive design.
Easy to manage content.
SEO optimized, fast and secure.
Visit the website

Portfolio: YourOwnPoet

Your Own Poet website screenshot
YourOwnPoet is a web application that will compose a personalized poem based on your answer to five questions.
More than 500 registered users, growing everyday.
Built with Symfony2 and jQuery
Visit the website



skype: fkoessler